Raccoon Tweetcarts

I had some fun playing around with data compression this month.

My first result was fine enough:

but it wasn’t very eye-catching. So I tried again, and I love what I made:

Here’s the code:

fillp(0x8520.2)pal{[0]=2,4,9,15}::_::for i=0,255do
x=i%16*8+rnd(3)-1y=i\16*8+(i\16+t()*2)%4rectfill(x,y,x+7,y+7,ord("?????_ISS_A=USda4RTX+HUXT0QeYPDHYiYiPiiEgiiY+?:iiJ>JfU:VH*[email protected]>D?7:>[email protected][email protected]@>?S,",1+i\3)-42>>i%3*2&3)end
goto _

That long string in the middle ("?????_ISS_A...") holds the image data; each character holds 6 bits of custom-encoded data. When interpreted, those 6 bits are displayed as three 2-bit pixels.