I'm pancelor, and I make games! I like puzzle games, roguelikes, necrodancer, pico-8, and coding. Other stuff too, probably!

You've somehow wandered into my portfolio/blog -- welcome! I hope you find something of interest here. I like meeting new people, and I'll happily talk to you about the things I find interesting :)

Read a bit about my projects here, or go directly to my itch page to play some games.

New Portfolio

I've been making a new portfolio page that's much easier for me to keep up-to-date, check it out for a full list of my projects.

The rest of this page is a bit out-of-date, but I'm leaving it as-is for now.

Major Projects

Out of all the projects showcased on this page, these are my favorite:

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Other projects

Variety Mega Jam 2020

I made 10 games in 10 days!

FreeCell 1K

FreeCell in <1024 characters of code


A custom necrodancer puzzle dungeon

Ocelot Safari

Retrieve the lost gemstone of Tezcatlipoca. My LD48 entry.

Monster Mash

A cute game about getting ready for a monster party.

Guided Sock Meditation

A puzzle game about matching socks.

VelociCorp Warehouses

A short puzzle game for Ludum Dare 49.


A game made in an hour, and an investigation of an incredible glitch.

Software Renderer

A hand-written 3D renderer! It doesn't use the GPU at all; instead it does fast (integer-only) math to rasterize triangles to the screen, one pixel at a time.


A game written in only 560 characters!

Raccoon Tweetcarts

Two animations, made in <280 characters of code

TweetTweetJam 6

4~5 games in <560 characters!

Purple Gun Game

An exercise in getting a game running on the Windows API (no SDL2 or other libraries) and adding some cool features (like code hot-reloading!)

Crypt of the NecroDecorator

A game about decorating an inn to remind the visiting monsters of home.


A little Spelunky-inspired game. This was mainly an exercise in making a platformer with good game-feel (coyote frames, etc)

PuzzleScript Level Select

I added a level select screen to the PuzzleScript engine.

Too Many Daves

A time travel puzzle game. My GMTK2021 entry.


A recreation (with a twist!) of a boss from Crypt of the NecroDancer.

Worms Tweetcart

A fun little animation, written as a pico-8 cartridge that fits inside a tweet.

PICO-8 rnd() Bug

A deep dive into pico-8 internals!

Coming Soon!

These are projects that I want to write about but haven't found the time for yet: