PuzzleScript Level Select

This isn’t a game, it’s just a small feature that I added to a custom fork of puzzlescript: a level select screen. Check out one of my games to see it in action!


can I use this?

Sure! To use it in your own games, use the online editor here, and check out the documentation here! (search for enable_level_select) If you want, send me a message about what you make; I’d love to see it!

If you’re interested in the code, check it out here.


The PuzzleScript engine is an existing tool that I did not write. I’ve made a few games in it, and I wanted to add a level select screen to my games. I’ve seen this done in various ways but never found them completely satisfying, so I edited the code for the puzzlescript engine itself and added level select capabilities.

I’m very happy with the result! I think it blends into the existing engine pretty seamlessly, from a player’s perspective.

This was a nice exercise in jumping into someone else’s code and editing it without understanding the whole thing. Also, someone submitted a pull request to make the level select screen remember which levels you’ve beaten previously, which was exciting! Overall this was a good experience in collaboration.