Variety Mega Jam

The Variety MegaJam is a game jam hosted by droqen in which you make 10 games in 10 days, each in a different genre, with an expected playtime of about 10 minutes each.

This was exhausting but incredibly fun! My personal goal for the jam was to finish with the month of December, and to keep the total amount of work within 10 days. I ended up spending way more time than I expected on this, but in the end I met my goal! I might write more about this later; it was a wild, excellent experience.

For now, here’s a list of the games I made:

I’m sorta floored by how well this went. A lot of these games aren’t very interesting, but somehow I’m really proud of how… three of them turned out?! That’s WAY higher than I was expecting. My favorites are Remains, Chickenswamp, and Minetris. Check them out! (also, Typefight is pretty good for a laugh!)

day 2: remains
day 5: chickenswamp
day 6: minetris
day 1: typefight