Keyboard Shortcuts

Script Editor
CTRL/ + /Comment/Uncomment selection.
CTRL/ + SHIFT + UP/DOWN Move current lines up/down.
CTRL/ + ReturnRebuild game without restarting it.
CTRL/ + SHIFT + ReturnRebuild and restart game.
CTRL/ + FSearch.
CTRL/ + GFind next.
CTRL/ + SHIFT + GFind previous.
CTRL/ + SPACEOpen autocomplete dropdown (if applicable).
+ALT + F (Mac)
Game Window
EToggle map editor.
CTRL/ + KGenerate an animated GIF.
Map Editor
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0To select brush tiles.
- / =Move selected brush tile left/right respectively.
PPrint ascii-representation of level to console.